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Every two years, the Texas Legislature meets to create and amend the laws of the state on behalf of the people of Texas. For more than 30 years, TCTLA has been able to affect this process and fight for the rights of Texas families. To that end, our membership has always been our greatest resource. Your membership dues provide TCTLA with the necessary resources to represent our membership effectively against the so-called tort “reform” groups.

The Association welcomes as members, without regard to sex, race, religion or ethnic background, all members of the State Bar of Texas and all duly licensed out-of-state lawyers who do not represent insurance companies, corporations, utility companies and/or defendants in actions filed by individuals who have been injured or damaged and who are not associated with a law firm that represents such entities or individuals. Such individuals shall continue to be Regular Attorney Members in good standing upon payment of annual dues and during continued adherence to (1) the objectives of this Association and (2) the qualifications set out for Regular Attorney Members.

E-Mail Listserv and Web site access is only granted to Regular Attorney Members in good standing.

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